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    Marketing Risks Assessment of China

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    Discuss China and the Ipod, include these items:

    Analyze the risk
    Political, legal, and regulatory risks
    Exchange and repatriation of funds risks
    Competitive risk assessment
    Taxation and double taxation risks
    How you would manage these risks?

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    One of the major political risks that could be associated with China and the iPod, would be the communist ideology that is embraced by this nation. This communist ideology results in a restriction on the freedom of speech and communication within this country, and this would include various restrictions on devices such as iPods, which have a huge communicative value. IPods are a means by which information can be transferred between individuals, especially in the realm of music, and the Chinese political environment may not be hospitable to such devices. It may actually be illegal to own such devices in many areas of China, if not the nation overall. So it will be ...

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    The solution discusses the marketing risks assessment of China.