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Cultural Awareness & International Expansion

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Question 1:

Why is cultural awareness an important factor in international expansion? Support your ideas with Peer Reviewed articles that you have read.


Tian, K., & Borges, L. (2011). Cross-Cultural Issues in Marketing Communications: An Anthropological Perspective of International Business. International Journal Of China Marketing, 2(1), 110-126.

Question 2:

Why would a company decide to expand internationally? Where are the risks for the company, considering such an expansion? How can these risks be mitigated? Suppport your ideas with Peer Reviewed article..


Lee, S. M. (2003). Samsung CEO Ki Tae Lee on expanding the global market. Academy Of Management Executive, 17(2), 27-29. doi:10.5465/AME.2003.10025183

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Question 1: Why is cultural awareness an important factor in international expansion?

Cultural awareness is an important factor in international expansion in that it influences "the communication and success potential of competition in conducting international business." Marketing communication must be shaped to the country that the organization is operating. It is key to a successful expansion to understand the differences ethnically, nationally and regionally in order to succeed globally. Failure to address differences in cultural values can lead to marketing messages that are interpreted as offensive or ineffective in international markets. Tian and Borges (2011) point out "the essential core of culture consists of traditional ideas that are historically derived, selected and generated to support values".

Understanding the cultural background of a country is key to success. An example is given in the article of the Japanese succeeding with high ...

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This solution discusses why cultural awareness is an important factor in international expansion, and gives support for ideas with attached peer reviewed articles.In addition, it discusses why a company would decide to expand internationally, and includes a discussion of the risks for such an expansion and how the risks can be mitigated. Support for this argument is given from an article about Samsung Electronics. References are included.

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