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Business Entrepreneurial Aspects

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1) Explain the aspects and importance of identifying good domestic or international opportunities.
2) Describe how to be able to create an opportunity assessment plan.
3) Explain to identify and distinguish intellectual property assets of a new venture including software and Web sites.
4) Describe how to recognize the implications of new legislation that affects the board of directors and internal auditing processes for public companies.

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1) Consider the strategic alliance in leverage opportunities, either domestic or international, by performing external environment evaluations. The key areas entail political, legal, cultural awareness, and, most importantly, the economic landscape to overall support the organization operations. The domestic opportunity should entail the location framework for operating with targeted home-based demographics . Conversely, the international opportunity framework should reflect strong political and economic support for withstanding cultural awareness for successfully operating globally. The key thing to note within your final write up for identifying important good opportunities in domestic or international arena entails:

a) Branding advancement can increase the builds up brand equity.

b) ...

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The review into identifying business entrepreneurial aspects within domestic or international marketplace.

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