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    collective bargaining

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    Why are some entrepreneurial ventures successful almost immediately while others fail to even reach break even status? What considerations should small business entrepreneurs keep in mind when they are deciding whether a company should follow a growth or a stability strategy?

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    //Your query is related with the factors which are helpful for the success of entrepreneurial ventures. Prior to writing these factors, you should have some idea about entrepreneurial ventures. I would like to provide you an overview on these points which will be helpful for you in developing an understanding of entrepreneurial ventures and its success factors. See the text below for example: //

    Entrepreneurial Ventures

    An entrepreneur is a person who seeks to organize, manage and accept the risks of an enterprise or business. Entrepreneurial venture can be referred as organizing a new business in response to some identified and projected opportunities. Entrepreneurial ventures can have solo or combined ownership. Usually, the entrepreneurial venture and small business are considered as similar but these terms are significantly different from each other on the basis of amount & speed of wealth creation, risk, innovation, etc. Austrian economist, Joseph Schumpeter focuses on innovation such as new product, methods, market, form of organization, etc. while defining the entrepreneurship (A Definition of Entrepreneurship, 2007).

    Today, many people seek to start their own venture but it is quite difficult to maintain the pace of ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 773 words with references