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    What are the conditions in product and service markets that lead to collective bargaining?

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    Evaluate the conditions in product and service markets that lead to collective bargaining. Choose five industries, some that are characterized by collective bargaining and some that are not. What are the key characteristics of collective bargaining industries? What are the key characteristics of the industries that are not collectively bargained? What does this suggest about your organization?

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    // In the very beginning, you should be aware of what 'Collective Bargaining' is; then, choose five industries of your choice, in which some are collectively bargained and some are not. I am providing you some information, in order to develop your understanding of 'Collective Bargaining' in the first part. //


    Meaning of Collective Bargaining: it is defined as a process of combined and cooperative decision making. In other words, it is regarded as a method of negotiation between the two parties such as firm and employees for establishing jointly satisfying environment of employment. Through this technique, both the parties reach an understandable position, where both favor each other.

    Collective bargaining in product markets: in the U.S., the workers used collective bargaining for exerting the combined power in determining the wages, working conditions and benefits. Initial labor organization in the U.S. Was comprised of temporary unions. Workers used to unite together for resisting the wage cut and wanted to increase their wage and in this case, workers would usually forgo the maintenance of the organization structure and hamper the workings of the organization. During the times of economic depression, workers form the political unions. These situations never lead to the achievement of greater success (Gupta, 2007).

    The domination of the collective bargaining was observed from the 1930s. This method was based on establishing equal economic power for the employer and the union in order to establish hours, wage and other important conditions related to the employees. ...

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