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Public Administration.....challenges faced

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Examine four factors/challenges that many union officials and management face while going through the collective bargaining process.

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The expert examines four factors/challenges that many union officials and management face while going through the collective.

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Public Administration Challenges

Challenges in Collective Bargaining Process
Collecting bargaining process in terms of organization is a process of negotiation between union officials and management to settle on the condition of employment. It is an agreement between union officials and management related to the terms and conditions of the workers and their working rights. The agreement not only focus on wages and working hours but also cover on rest periods, overtime compensations, working conditions, health and insurances, holidays, pensions and other beneficial programs. The primary challenge of collective bargaining is the settlement between both the parties (Caisley, 2007). The four major challenges or factors faced by union officials and management during the collective bargaining process are; ensuring collectively, conflict management, resolving core issues and sustainability.
Ensuring ...

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