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Leading for Performance

1. What does it mean to lead for performance?

2. Compile a concise and thorough leadership mission, which describes your leadership approach and how you plan to provide leadership as a public administrator.

3. What is the purpose of moral leadership from a public administrator?

4. The reading assignment for this unit includes an article titled, Transformational Leadership in Merging Higher Education Institutions: A Case Study, from the CSU Online Library. Based on the results of the article and the information in Shafritz, Russell, and Borick (2013), what are three challenges that public administrators (i.e., leaders) face during the transformation of an institution?

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To lead for performance essentially means to be the catalyst or leader in instituting policies and procedures that will lead to an increase in the performance of a given organization. Leading for performance also includes analyzing the current performance situation and leading in correcting that situation by example. To lead for performance means that the leader must always seek to increase his level of knowledge in performing his organizational duties, obtain ...