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    Four Functions of Management.

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    Define the four functions of management (planning, organizing, leading, and controlling). Include an explanation of how each function relates to your own organization.

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    Planning is to prepare a program for a course of action. From the perspective of management, planning entails the setting up of objectives, defining them clearly, and communicating them. Setting up a timeline and the tasks that will be performed at different points in time is an integral part of planning. The management allocates the budgeted resources to different activities and tasks. The management monitors the progress of the plan and takes corrective action when there is a variance between the target progress and the actual work done.

    Organizing is the action of collecting and deploying the company's resources in such a way that the plan of the company is implemented successfully. Organizing is an important activity of management and pervades every function of management. For example, a sales manager organizes the sales department in such a way that the objectives of the sales department are realized. This means the manager recruits sales persons, trains them, allocates territory for them, sets sales targets for them, develops a reporting system for the sales persons, organizes sales teams, and evaluates their performance (Bartol. K, Martin. D & Tein. M 2004).

    Leading function of management is important as well as challenging. There are some very specific roles that the manager as a leader has to perform. Leading means contributing to the bottom line, it means effective communication, ...