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    Strategic Challenges in Public Administration

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    The function of the government is rooted in the notion that different levels of the government concentrate on different kinds of services. For the purpose of studying public administration, we know that the government varies by level such as federal, state, and local; by function; and by the agency or group that finally delivers the goods and services.

    Provide an example to illustrate the goods and services provided by each level of the government?federal, state, and local. How does this affect the way public administration is or should be studied?

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    The federal, state, and local governments provide similar, but different services. Examples of this can be seen in the way that the various levels of government fund their services. The federal government provides funding for programs such as: social security (a program specific to the elderly and disabled), Medicare (a program that provides healthcare for the elderly, and national defense (Mikesell, 2011). The state government provides funding for services such ...

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    The solution discusses the strategic challenges in public administration.