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    Value of Public Administrator

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    Can someone discuss the following with me in detail?

    1. Which resource is most valuable to a public administrator? How do limitations on authority affect the ability of public administrators to make decisions in the public's interest?

    2. What steps can public administrators take to increase their flexibility and effectiveness in responding to public needs? For what kind of executive or manager would you prefer to work? Why?

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    Public Administrator Discussion

    Most Valuable Resource to Public Administrator
    A public administrator is responsible for developing policies and then carrying out and supervising those policies with the aim of meliorating the public agencies and the services extended. A public administrator may also act as auditor, border guard, or may function for government agencies in public relations, research and development or human resources. All the tasks and responsibilities given to a public administrator highly depend upon a valuable resource of knowledge management.
    Knowledge Management (KM) plays a significant role in Public Administration. Each role of KM serves a public administrator with specific objectives and functions and is enforced in a different way. It assists a public administrator in building society's intellectual capital and to perk up the potency of public and private decision making and situation managing (Wigg, 2000). The extensive field of knowledge management furnishes public administrators with novel alternatives, potentialities and exercises to aid him to great benefit.
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