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Leadership: Public Administration Definition

1. Examine the leader characteristics of successful public administrators.
-Explain how labor relations affect a public administrator.
-Explain the role of financial management throughout the policymaking process.
-Examine the most complex responsibility of a public administrator.
-Prepare an essay on how you will use the details of this course toward your career.

2. Provide a holistic definition of public administration.

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Step 1
There are some specific leadership qualities that a public administrator should have. These qualities are that he should have integrity. He should be honest, for example, he should not accept bribes. His reactions should be predictable and he should have a good control over his emotions. He must be a dedicated person, ready to spend this time, attention, and energy to achieve agency goals. He must give credit where it is due. For instance, he must be willing to recognize the efforts of his subordinates. Public administrators should have humility. They must be open and listen to new ideas. He must be innovative and must be able to think outside the box to help achieve the objectives of his agency. He must deal consistently, and justly. He must treat people he comes to contact with in a fair manner. He must be assertive. He must be able to state what he expects so that misunderstandings are avoided. He must have the ability to lay down parameters. He must have organizational abilities and set guidelines. Public administrators should have good intuitions. He must be able to know what to do without full information search and rational decision making. He must have a thorough knowledge of his area (a). For example, a Public administrator in charge of procurement should ...

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This solution explains how labor relations affect the Public administrators. The sources used are also included in the solution.