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    Public Administration Umbrella Term

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    I need some help conceptualizing what public administration is, I need to cover these topics:
    - What is it?
    - Why is it important?
    - What does it cover?

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    What is Public Administration?
    Public administration, much like the field of leadership, has as many definitions and none are completely agreed upon by its practitioners. Much like the field of leadership, public administration might be considered dependent on the situation or context to which it is being applied (Stillman, 2005). Some define public administration as the actions and processes that are involved with the development and implementation of public policy, while others define it as the process of providing public services to citizens (Stillman, 2005). A number of formal theories can be applied to the field of public administration (Knott & Hammond, 2003, In Peters & Pierre). However, a simple definition of public administration could be the field of study that is concerned with the processes and procedures for efficient and effective development and implementation of public policy or provision of public services.

    Why is Public Administration Important?

    Often professional public administration is considered to be a part of the executive branch of government, but this is not true (Stillman, 2005). Public ...

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    This solution discusses the field of public administration. It includes defining public administration, why the field is important for study, and what is included under the public administration umbrella. All references used are included.