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Attitude toward public administration and administrators

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Hello, I need assistance with the following questions:

1. Describe how your attitude toward public administration and public administrators has changed. If it has not changed, explain why.
2. Speculate on how the course might affect your career or career plans.
3. Will the course cause you to change how you interact with public service people as a consumer? As a citizen? Explain.

Could you provide me with some information to guide me in answering these questions?

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Attitude toward public administration is explained in a structured manner in this response. The answer includes references used.

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1. Describe how your attitude toward public administration and public administrators has changed. If it has not changed, explain why.

My attitude towards public administration and public administrators has changed. My attitude has become positive towards both. Earlier, my perception of public administration was that it was the authority that conducted local elections and was somehow involved in repairing roads. Now, I know that public administration is the organization of civil servants that implement a specific policy. Public administration ensures that public federal, state, and local governments are able to offer services to people so that the people get full benefit of the services. Public administrations interpret the policy decisions of the government and administer the ...

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