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    Public Administration Influences

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    Discuss the influence of ethnic diversity on the development of public programs and services.

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    Ethnic Diversity

    In order to discuss the influence ethnic diversity has the development of public programs and services, we must understand what ethnic diversity is. Ethnic diversity is known as the multiculturalism, and is the acceptance of diverse ethnic cultures in schools, neighborhoods, cities, or countries ("Ethnic Diversity Definition", 2012). It is simply a diverse combination of ethnic groups.
    According to Rice (2007), in the United States, minority populations (African Americans, Asian Americans, Hispanics, and so forth) make up 30 percent of the population. Because of this it is quite evident that cultural diversity is part of the makeup of the United States. And as a result of this, during a service delivery encounter between aclients, perhaps a physician or public administrator and a client recipient, there is ...

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    The expert discusses the influences of ethnic diversity on the development of public programs and services.