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Ethical Leadership of Globalization

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I need help in putting together information that I can use and l also need guidance for the structure of an analysis of a social trend that I believe has implications for the ethical leadership of public administration. I may make this specific to the area of public administration (CBP) that I am interested in. I need to describe the social trend, analyze its implications, opportunities, or challenges for the ethical leadership of public administration, evaluate ways to address these implications, opportunities, or challenges, and support my analysis with references (providing examples where appropriate). I have chosen to do a five to seven pages paper on "Globalization".

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Hello Orlando,
I hope this solution gets to you in time. In this particular task, you are being asked to contemplate on globalization and its impact on the CBP, in particular - task, you are being asked to explore the trend of globalization and its impact on CBP, in particular, its impact on ethical leadership. How then should we ...

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The solution provides information, assistance and advise to a particular student in tackling the task (see above) in putting together a paper on the topic of ethical leadership of globalization. This solution suggests an outline, perspectives, arguments and presents information useful to achieve the goal of writing such a paper with a particular focus on the (public) administration of the Customs and Border Protection Agency of the Department of Homeland Security of the United States. This solution would be helpful to students wishing to study leadership in the CBP from a globalized setting or in studying how globalization impacts the practice of leadership. Resources are listed for further exploration of the topic. The solution is attached as a word-document.

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