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Globalization: subsidiary manager

Select a country and assume you are a subsidiary manager in that country. What challenges do you think you will face?

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As the American economy continues to recover from the recession we've seen, an increase of U.S. organizations expands into the global market in order to reduce cost. One such country that many organizations have targeted is that of China. When an organization starts the globalization process we tend to see potential ethical and social issues arise when operations takes place in foreign countries and/or alliances are formed. In doing so, senior leadership must implement strategic policies and procedures to deter these. Below we'll discuss cultural and political differences that would influence Western-Chinese business negotiations.

China is known as one of the cheapest manufactures around the world based on the ability to hire cheap labor that ultimately reduces the over head cost to many organizations. One of the biggest social issues ...

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The challenges faced by subsidiary managers in a country is determined.