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    organizational behavior issues

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    What are key organizational behavior issues and transitions in the new workplace?

    1. Globalization
    2. Job migration
    3. Global outsourcing

    These three issues result in organizational transformation.

    I was hoping you might let me know whether I'm on the right track. Are there any other issues/transitions that I should research?

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    The primary issues and transitions which occur due to globalization are those related to differences in culture, customs, business practices, language,etc. In other words, globalization results in exposure to working in different countries, each of them being unique in terms of their culture, tastes, preferences and business practices. Thus, an organization needs to transform itself in order to accustom to the varying customs and culture of different markets in which it is trying to establish. Lack of awareness about such issues and behavior of particular markets can be detrimental to the growth of a global company as it might result in hurting sentiments of people in other countries.

    Thus, globalization implies that a complete transformation should take place within the corporate culture of any company which is trying to break into global markets. In other words, it ...

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    What are key organizational behavior issues and transitions in the new workplace?