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Issues in Organizational Behavior

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1) How have the fields of psychology and sociology contributed to our understanding of Organizational Behavior? Explain.

2) What is the relationship between age and the organizational issues of
productivity, turnover and satisfaction? Explain.

3) Discuss whether employee satisfaction is related to positive customer outcomes.

4) What is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and how might it be used by
managers? Explain.

5) Discuss some ways in which an organization constrains decision makers.

6) Discuss distributive justice and procedural justice and how managers can use
these concepts.

7) What is employee involvement? Provide three examples.

8) Discuss the cross cultural differences in telecommuting

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The questions related to common issues in today's modern organizations. Many of the questions focus on factors contributing to worker success. 8 questions answered in a Word attachment.