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Micro & Macro organizational behavioral: how is it relevant to the issues studied in Organizational Behavior? Please include source, thank you.

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"Organizational behavior is a modern form of business management study and research that examines how a company operates based on its hierarchy, employee relationships and leadership styles" (Lacoma, 2013, para 1). It incorporates both micro and macro organizational behavior elements. It includes many aspects of psychology and business as well as social aspects of human behavior.

Micro organizational behavior:

Micro organizational behavior focusses mainly on individuals and group dynamics within an organization, or how employees might act both alone and in team settings (Lacoma, 2013). On this level, a lot of the individual focus is on rewarding employees in ways they will respond to and looking at their personalities to determine where they would be the best fit within departments ...

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A discussion regarding how macro and micro organizational behavior are relevant and important to organizational behavior overall including examples of both. 426 words, 1 reference.