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Important elements of proposing a research study

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Developing a Research Design - How do you propose a research study?

What are some important elements of proposing a research study?

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The topic of research design is presented. It is a detailed step-by-step solution, in outline format, that will allow a student to fully understand the elements necessary to begin a research study. A total of 769 words are used in the text.

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Developing a Research Design - How do you propose a research study?

Preliminary Work - How to get started

Select a Research Topic

Select a general research topic that is of sociological interest to you. Start by thinking of a social problem that concerns you or an aspect of social life that fascinates you. The topic should be broad enough that it could generate a number of researchable questions.

Explore the Topic Eclectically

a. Personal Exploration
Start with yourself. What are your assumptions and stereotypes about the topic? What images come to mind when you think of it? Search your history to understand why it interests you. What unique experiences or impressions do you have in relation to the topic? If it seems far removed from your experience, why does it interest you? What opinions do you already have about it? How do you relate to some fundamental questions and debates surrounding your topic?

b. Cultural Representations
How is your topic represented in the mainstream news media - print, radio, TV.? How is it treated by popular culture - film, music, popular opinion? Who else cares about this topic? What political interests are attached to it? Look for different ways your ...

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