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    Biases and Judgement: Researcher Interference

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    Use figure 5.1 of Sekaran & Bougie as a guideline. Include the type of investigation needed, the study setting, the unit of analysis, and your recommended time horizon for the study. Also offer an assessment on the extent of "researcher interference": minimal interference, moderate interference, and excessive interference and any ethical considerations that may arise from the research design you are proposing. This should consist of an abstract, a short introduction, and conclusion in addition to the body of the paper.

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    I will begin this for you. Without knowing the subject of the paper, I can only give a general answer, but can further define it when you let me know the information. This is a start and general direction. Please let me know as soon as possible your needs and I will update this posting with more help.

    Theoretical frameworks create the reasoning and application of that reasoning to a problem. For any problem, a problem statement is created and a hypothesis is formed. After a review of previous ...

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    The biases and judgement for researchers interference are determined.