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Dissertation Process Bias

Im writing about bias during the dissertation process (Clinical Psychology). So my question is when an expert gallivants down a dissertation pathway, is their bias as an expert in a certain arena ever a positive aspect? I will expand on any information received. Any thoughts or comments welcome. Thank you all JJS

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Any research study should be free of bias. Since doctoral students write original research based dissertation on topics in behavioral sciences, that have far reaching effects on the mental illnesses and behaviors of people, and such research helps informs and shapes the public's understanding about the mental health issues, it is important that dissertation research should be conducted free of any biases.

When the researcher feels that they are aware of everything, that they know everything, but in ...

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This solutions explains how caution can be taken against having an expert researcher stance and related biases when conducting dissertation research. It gives examples of biases and what impacts they can produce in the dissertation process. All references used are included.