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Finding a Dissertation Topic

The hardest thing for corporations to accept is that someone has come behind them after they have spent millions of dollars in research and innovation, to only have them make more money off the base product they initially produced. This is not illegal; it's really quite helpful in the world of research.

One of the most efficient ideas to producing a great dissertation proposal is to research the existing dissertations and look at the end for what is considered the future research topics and ideas going forward.

How would you research for a dissertation project in this manner? Give us examples of your process?

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In most universities, a dissertation is a final requirement for a doctorate degree. Expectedly, it is a scholarly work, an integration of the knowledge and skills a doctorate student has learned in the academic courses leading to a doctorate degree.

The topic for a dissertation is basically within the discipline that the student is specializing in. While a multi-discipline research would give the student an opportunity to be well- rounded, one of the disciplines must be the field in which the student is specializing in.

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The expert finds a dissertation topic. Examples of the process are provided.