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Action Research

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If you were a part of an Action Research dissertation with your peer and Without your knowledge that you were being observed as a participant in a study. How would it make you feel?

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// Researcher use 'Action Research Dissertation' method to understand the learning behavior and practices in a more powerful way. It helps in gaining insight into important aspects, significant for carrying out any research. In this paper, we are going to provide key factors essential to be considered, while, carrying out an Action research dissertation. //


This paper gives a detailed analysis of key factors which are to be considered while performing Action research dissertation. In order to carry out action research dissertation, it is necessary to have an in-depth knowledge about the type of research and its assessment program. Action research dissertation is an organized framework used by the researcher in the master level studies for developing learning behavior and understanding the practices in a more influential way. To solve any issue or problem with the help of action research dissertation, it is necessary for the researcher to conduct the research activities and programs on the basis of pre-planned knowledge.

Apart from this, this paper will also assist the reader to gain an in-sight about the key aspects, which should be considered while conducting any research.

// Perception is defined as the sum total of our learning. Before carrying out Action dissertation, first, we should make all the efforts to understand all the observation methods, which would enable us to carry the research with full potential and commitment. //


To perform any research with a group, it is necessary to have knowledge about the observation methods. Without having knowledge about the observation, it is not possible for me ...

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The response address the queries posted in 1044 words with references.

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