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    Action Research Summary

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    Because you have done a lot of work on action research, could you summarize how your understanding of Action Research has changed as a result of all these assignment?

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    // Action research is a concept in which strategies for encountering the stated problems or difficulties are planned and implemented on the spot. It is used to explore and analyze the practices and principles of educational field effectively. Various advantages of the action research are also being identified as we move ahead in this paper. //


    This paper gives a detailed analysis of the facts and findings of action research. Action research is a democratic approach and requires a planned strategy for encountering the stated problems or difficulties. Action research is performed in an action oriented way. The decisions regarding the steps of action research are taken on-the spot. It is used for the improvement of the learning practices, which in turn assists the researcher to gain an in-sight about the tools and techniques required to perform the research in a successful manner.


    From the learning of the various steps and phases required to accomplish action research, it can be said that action research is a more attractive form of research as compared to other research patterns. As it is a democratic form of research, it is also ...

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    The response address the queries posted in 751 words with references.