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    Findings and Summary on Improving Behavior Action Research

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    Imagine you were writing action research paper on improving negative behavior in the classroom of fourth grade students at school.

    Report findings and progress in a summary.

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    The following action research papers can guide you with this homework:

    Title: Improving Social Interaction among 4th Grade Students through Social Skills Instruction

    This action research project implemented a program for improving social skills in order to establish positive interaction among 4th grade students at a northern Chicago suburban school. Social skills deficiency was documented through behavior checklists and referrals, teacher observations and student reflection. Teachers reported that low incomes, mobility rate, the need for social service support and cultural diversity hindered many of the students' interactions. A review of the literature suggested that children have problems getting along with others due to second language barriers, social incompetence, poor role modeling and the absence of curriculum related to social skills. Cooperative task ...

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    The solution presents two abstracts with summary of findings and progress in an action research paper on improving negative behavior of fourth grade students. References included.