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Stakeholders Interested in an Action Research Project

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Action research project is how to improve negative behavior in my classroom of fourth grade students and also in elementary school.

Provide three examples of some stakeholder groups that would be interested in this project and the reasons for your choices.

For example (stakeholder group may be parents or students, other teachers, or school board members)

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The Action Research Project:

The project will implement and assess a program with the purpose of improving student behavior. Participants will be fourth-grade students. By means of a behavior checklist, student survey, teacher anecdotal record, and student yes/no reflection sheet, the problem of inappropriate behavior will be documented. Probable causes of misbehavior will be analyzed and some contributing factors may be increased class size, student mobility, unclear and inconsistent consequences school-wide. The following strategies which are the implementation of the three major categories of intervention: literature-based activities to introduce social skills, cooperative activities to practice ...

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The solution identifies three examples of stakeholder groups that would be interested in supporting an action research project on improving negative behavior in a fourth grade classroom. References included.