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    Communicating News to Project Stakeholders

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    The general approach is to encourage timely communication of news (positive or negative) to project stakeholders. However, can you envisage situations where it may be necessary, or even advantageous, for project management to suppress the dissemination of negative/bad news relating to the project?

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    Stakeholders in a project are individuals or groups that can affect or are affected by the outcome of a project. In a corporation, stakeholders can include users, managers, upper management, suppliers and customers, to name a few. Many of these individuals are in a position to determine whether or not a project can go forward or not. As a result it is honest communication with stakeholders is crucial.
    There is a saying "It takes years to build trust and seconds to tear it down." This saying is very apropos for project management and communication. A project manager should have a Stakeholder Communication Plan. The plan should answer the following questions:
    1. Who the stakeholder is and at what level they need ...

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    The solution communicates news to project stakeholders.