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Project Management: Communication with Stakeholders

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Under what circumstances should team members communicate directly with stakeholders? What benefits and drawbacks would this cause?

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Do you think all progress reports should be communicated through the project leader to stakeholders?

In general, I do think that all progress reports should be communicated through the project leader/manager to the stakeholders. My reasoning for this is that it ensures that only one person is responsible for regular communication which is the best way to make sure that the communication actually does happen. If no one is clear on who will be responsible for these types of tasks, you either end up with a situation where no one does it or everyone does it and neither is appropriate or preferred. Also, ...

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A discussion regarding the circumstances in which project team members should communicate with stakeholders including the example of progress reports. Also, a discussion regarding the benefits and drawbacks of project team members communicating directly with stakeholders including communicating the most accurate information and the risk of the lack of professionalism. 376 words.

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