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Project Management Communication Plan

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When planning communications for stakeholders, you must consider who the stakeholders are, what their needs and interests are, and how much and when they need to be involved in the project.

you are acting as a project manager in a global organization. You have been asked by the head of the Project Management Office to prepare a Recommended Practices Guide for effectively communicating with project stakeholders. For this Application, the definition of stakeholders includes the project team members as well as internal and external stakeholders who can significantly influence the organization's projects.

The description of each recommended practice should include a summary of the practice, a rationale for why it is important, and a description of the consequences of not following it. . You should include at least five recommended practices

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Please read more about the 5 phases of project management.
In terms of the questions you have posted above, my reference source is the:
PMP Project Management Professional Study Guide, Fourth Edition by Joseph Phillips, McGraw-Hill/Osborne © 2013. See if you can get a hold of this book.

Managing Project Communications
"The managing project communications process includes the gathering of project information, the distribution of the project information, and the archival of project communications for later retrieval if needed. At the heart of this process, however, is the actual distribution of the information to the appropriate parties. Information distribution ensures that the proper stakeholders get the appropriate information when and how they need it. Essentially, it's the implementation of the communications management plan. The communications management plan details how the information is to be created and dispersed—and also how the dispersed information is archived."

Recommended practices for stakeholder communication plan include:

1. Creating Communications management plan - This is "a plan that documents and organizes the stakeholder needs for communication. This plan covers the communications system, its documentation, the flow of communication, ...

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Project Management Communication Plan for Stakeholders: Best practices in action

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