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    Communication Systems

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    As the CIO, you must see the strategic objectives and benchmarks for the future of your company. What ideas would you promote to your employees that would promote good communications and report with all customers and vendors?

    What software applications can help you improve your communication process with employees and customers.
    Understand how the main outputs of performance reporting help stakeholders stay informed about project resources.
    -Recognize the importance of good communications management for stakeholder relationships and for resolving issues.
    -Describe how software can enhance project communications management.

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    Project communications management plays a significant role in an organization. Without it, shareholders, management and team members will have a tremendous collapse in processes, which will negatively impact the final product and profits (Halloran, n.d.).

    Therefore, the first thing I would do would be to establish a communications plan. Communication plans are written documents which describe in what direction an organization wishes to pursue in order to accomplish is objectives (communications), methods of prospective achievements, the audience to which the communications are addressed, implemented measures and timetables, and evaluation processes. Communications embrace all electronic, spoken and written interactions with audiences. This plan would convey suggested methods of information technology, and how the data would be communicated to customers and employers via the level of detail, content and format. This plan would also establish who would produce the information, how it would be produced, and who would be the recipients of the information (Halloran, n.d.).

    The most appropriate timeframe for the development of this communication plan would be when the company starts its organizational planning and yearly budgeting processes. The information obtained in the communication plan will most likely come from various sources; places such as your company's mission and vision statement, a communicative audit, focus groups or consumer surveys, upper management, and discussions held with the entire workforce (Halloran, n.d.).

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