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Agile Systems Development Methodologies

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Describe the underlying principles of agile systems development methodologies.

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There are twelve principles that underlie agile systems development methodologies. One of these is customer satisfaction through the quick delivery of usable software (Beck, 2001). In addition, welcoming change even in late stages of development, and working software as a show of progress are all important methods of satisfying everyone ...

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This is a 189 word solution with 1 reference that outlines agile systems development methodologies. It is a solution that outlines customer satisfaction and change even in later stages of systems development. Finally, it gives insight into how communication plays a role in the whole process.

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Software Modification, RFP, Prototyping, Agile Systems

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1. Why is making a lot of modifications to a packaged system sometimes a risky approach, and what are the alternatives?

2. Briefly describe the steps of a pure prototyping methodology as an alternative to an SDLC approach. Which disadvantages of an SDLC methodology are addressed by a prototyping approach?

3. What is an RFP, and what critical tasks does it facilitate in the purchasing process?

4. Describe the underlying principles of agile systems development methodologies.

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