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Relative Benefit

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Relative benefit is the degree to which a new technology is perceived to be superior to the current technology. An organisation is more likely to adopt the new technology when it perceives greater relative benefit compared to the current technology. Agile software development practices promise marked improvement in software development productivity and quality. Identify and analyse the perceived and real benefits and drawbacks to organisations in adopting agile development methodologies.

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The following posting discusses relative benefit.

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Benefits of Agile Software Development Methodologies
In today's business environment, there are several development methodologies in existence as like object-oriented (OO), agile software development methodology (ASDM) and structured system analysis and design (SSAD) (Kong, 2007). The volatility of market and the misbalance economy of world make huge pressure on organizations that also reduces the profitability of organizations. On the other hand, this situation also applies huge forces on management to make respective changes inside the organizations for adopting external changes (McMaster, 2007). Hence, by the adaptation of agile software development methodology, an organization could retain its effectiveness in market with the help of quality and demanding products.

The traditional development methodologies believe in rigid scope by that an organization could not be able to make any change in existing project whether the changes in external environment affects the profitability of organizations (Oz, 2008). The tradition development methodology also not allows the management people of an organization for making any respective changes in scope on the ...

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