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    Disadvantages of the traditional SDLC methodology

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    There are many disadvantages of the traditional SDLC methodology. Newer tools and techniques are showing the ability to provide support and flexibility. Some say that newer software even gets the client more involve in the process of design and testing.

    What are your thoughts?

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    SDLC stands for System Development Life Cycle. It is a process for creating and or altering IT systems. It encompasses a group of methodologies for creating or altering systems.
    All SDLC methodologies contain the same basic phases, which are:
    1. Project planning, feasibility study: Define the problem and come up with a high-level plan of how to address it.
    2. Systems analysis, requirements definition: Determine user requirements and define the function of the application. Determine project scope.
    3. Systems design: Describe how the application will operate in detail, create pseudocode and other documentation.
    4. Implementation: The actual programming code is written.
    5. Integration and testing: The application as a whole is tested in a special environment.
    6. Acceptance, installation, deployment: The application is placed into production.
    7. Maintenance: The rest of the applications life is spent in this ...

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