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Disadvantages of the Traditional SDLC

While techniques such as JAD, RAD, agile methods, etc. can reduce the disadvantages of the traditional SDLC, there are still many failures in the development of application systems using the traditional SDLC or any other technique. What are some characteristics of software development that contribute to the high failure rate under certain situations?

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Software development is a complex and challenging endeavor and failure is very real and expensive possibility. These failures are irrespective of whether traditional SDLC is used or modern techniques are used in the development. Some of the characteristics of software development which leads to failure are:

Inability to understand user requirements: When the software development team fails to understand the requirements put down by users, the new system developed will not solve all of their problems and it will probably create new issues.

Project scope is ill-defined: When project scope does not cover all development points, it is likely to result in ...

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