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System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and e-Business

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What are the critical steps of each phase of the SDLC?

How does the SDLC support e-business project planning?

Reflect on whether you have any opportunities to apply the System Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Briefly describe the scenario.

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SDLC and e-business
A. What are the critical steps of each phase of the SDLC?

The phases of the SDLC and its critical steps (by Shirley Radack):
1. Initiation - It is very important to consider the early integration of security and the threats, potential constraints in functionality, and requirements. Proper risk management planning can also result in cost savings. In this phase, the organization defines its project goals, security requirements, and system architecture.
2. Acquisition/Development - The system is designed, developed or constructed. A key activity is conducting risk assessment so that the results can be used to develop baseline security controls. Security plans are also developed which document the decisions regarding the selection of controls. Before implementation, a developmental testing of the features and functions of the system is being done.
3. Implementation/Assessment - The organization configures, enables and ...

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Critical steps of the SDLC; how SDLC supports e-business planning; scenarios where SDLC is applied. References are included.