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    Baderman Island Enterprise Initiative Specifications and Metrics

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    * - Describe and evaluate the systems development life cycle and associated activities for each step regarding a specific enterprise technology initiative.
    * - Recommend key measurements for the different phases of the systems development project plan.
    * - Compare and contrast the risks of outsourcing vs. selfsourcing for Baderman Island and justify the selection for the enterprise initiative.
    * - Define the prototyping process for the project.
    * - Conclude with an analysis of the project from the seven steps of systems alignment.

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    Please find the guidance notes and references for system development life cycle docin the attached file.

    Running Head: SDLC

    System Development Life Cycle

    The system development life cycle could be described as the process of system development. It is also known as the software development life cycle. This concept is generally termed for the computer or information system. In other words system development life cycle can be explained as the process of the development, implementation and disposal of the information system by using several steps (Rob, Coronel & Crockett, 2008). The multiple processes include several steps such as initiation, analysis, design, implementation, maintenance and disposal of the system. An organization may use different system development life cycle methods and models but at the same time each methodology includes a series of defined phases and steps.

    For the use of system development life cycle method or model the information security should be integrated into the life cycle process as it ensures the protection of the organizational information in the system, which is transit, process and store in the system. The system development life cycle should include the risk management process to balance the requirements of protection of information of the organization and cost of security control (Radack). The system development life cycle provides a clear and big picture of the database design application. The software development for the Baderman Island should also design the effective system development life cycle to enhance the database management effectiveness.

    System Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
    System development life cycle is important for an organization as it traces the history of an information system. The current system of Baderman is not working well to accomplish the requirement of the organization. In order to replace the older software system the new operating system and word processing software would be developed within the organization. It is because the current system and software in use by the Baderman not meeting the needs of the business. Currently there are three different operating systems are used in the organization namely Windows 98, Windows 2000, and Windows XP. The development of new system would upgrade the software application and would also enhance the process of word processing, which would cause an increase in the business effectiveness. The information system of Baderman includes the following steps and model and activities of the system development life cycle -

    Planning - It is the first step and activity of the SDLC, which is used to generate a high level view of the project and to determine the major goals of the organization. The planning phase of the SDLC exhibits the company overview and understanding of its objectives (Stair, Reynolds & Reynolds, 2009). In this step the following activities would be performed for the technology initiative of Baderman -
    ? Information gathering - This phase include the information gathering activities related to the ne w system and old system in the organization. Some questions are answered by the information generator during this phase such as should the existing system be continued, is there a need to ...

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