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    Presenting the Business Case for a Technology Solution

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    * - Present a business plan for the Baderman Island enterprise-wide supply chain management solution project. This business plan should be at the executive level which is detailed, but succinct and precise with its recommendations.
    Be sure to cover the following areas ineed to be covered:
    * - Technology Solution
    * - Specifications and Metrics for the Project
    * - Financial Justification

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    Business Plan for Baderman Island Technology Solution

    On the Coast of Kelsey River, a beautiful landscaping is known as Baderman Island, which can be described as the dream of vacationers. There are numerous facilities available in this Baderman Island and the implementation of technology solution has increased the productivity of the Island and connected all the resorts, hotel and other facilities of Island. In order to provide cost effective and quality services to the customers and travelers, various technological solutions such as enterprise resource solutions, customer relationship management, supply chain management etc. are implemented by the company (O'Brien, 2003; Jespersen & Larsen, 2005).
    This business plan is associated with the implementation of supply chain management in Baderman Island to enhance the efficiency of the Island and connected all the hotels, resorts, spa, gym, beauty and health care, centre, amusements parks, etc. with each other. This business plan will help the reader to understand the important of technology solution and how this technology solution would drive the performance of Baderman Island.
    In addition the business plan will also discuss about the specification and metrics for the project of supply chain management implementation. The will also assist to justify the financial initiative for the Baderman Island with unified approach. The main purpose behind this project is to provide a new experience to the guest and tourist and resolve the small problem to connect the numerous restaurants, hotels, resorts, spa and other facilities.
    Technology Solution: Supply Chain Management
    Supply chain management is one of best technology solutions to enhance the productivity and performance and reduce the operational cost of the firm. It assists the business management to maintain profitability in long term by creating effective coordination among the various departments, suppliers, vendors and customers (Payne, 2007). In Baderman Island this would help the firm to increase the capabilities of the Baderman Island, so that it can share the information effectively with their strategic partners. It is a driver in the company that reduces the level of inefficiencies and increases the potential to cope up with the competition with real-time business model (Greenspan, 2005).
    This supply chain management process would ultimately provide numerous opportunities to Baderman Island in various areas, like fulfillment, logistics, revenue and profit, low cost of operations, etc. With the help of this supply chain process, the management in Baderman Island can ensure to its suppliers about the delivery of appropriate quality that they need. This process will also ensure about the safe and fats delivery of products within low transportation cost (Competitive Advantage for Information ...

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