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Discussing Current and Emerging Technology

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Develop and submit an Organizational Technology Plan paper. Provide a summary statement of key topics of the paper. Provide a summary of key points and examples, including the following:

- Business description, objectives, and technological environment
- Personal and organizational responsibilities for moral and ethical use of technology
- Current and potential uses of technology for the global success of business objectives
- Human factors within the enterprise for more effective use of current and emerging technology

Please provide some assistance addressing the last point listed above.

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Humans need to feel comfortable with their surroundings and the environment. One of the most important parts of current technology and emerging technology in an organization is, it represents change. Change creates fear. Fear makes people less productive.
To combat this fear and unproductive use of technology, training is essential. Technical and practical training is important so the ...

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The solution discusses current and emerging technology.

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Current technology assessment: Cosmetics Company

I need to identify the technology used in a cosmetics company. Describe the types of technology, the ways in which technology supports general business functions, the challenges presented to management due to managing existing technology, and methods of addressing emerging technology. Identify areas in which technology impacts the four basic functions of management and where new technology might be extending or introducing new functions for management. Give specific examples in areas such as the following:

- Challenges brought by uncertainty of new technology, workforce training issues (e.g., ongoing training to meet new technology), special characteristics of high-technology personnel, recruitment in a technological-driven workplace, acquisition of resources (e.g., purchase, investment, and upgrading of new technology), and new organizations needed to meet and embrace new technology (e.g., new departments to support emerging business functions)

- Use of spreadsheets, planning conferences using video-conferencing, data archiving, sorting and retrieval for strategic planning, digitized management directives, memorandum or information sent to team members using email, and weekly status reporting by virtual team members

- Technology-driven training, enhancing manager skills to be effective in a technology-driven environment, technological tools to support rapid response to business demands, and dynamic organizational structure

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