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    Information technology

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    Decision-Supporting Technologies, Part I

    Check Your Understanding

    Test your comprehension of the principles by discussing why the emphasis in information technology research and practice must turn from producing information to controlling and managing it.


    Using the list of addresses in Appendix B, browse the World Wide Web and select an article that reflects an example of a recommendation system. Discuss the content of the article, demonstrating how it relates to the topic. What type of technology was addressed in the article? What is its function and benefit or impact? Include the URL addresses to identify your sources.

    Professional Development

    In your own words, define what is meant by barriers to emerging information technologies. What are the barriers? Provide examples of your experience with these barriers in the workplace.

    Issues to Consider

    According to Kendall (1999), research illuminates the contributions of technological emergence. Discuss several of these contributions as they relate to various emerging technologies (p. 5).

    Appendix B

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    //With the coming up of newer technologies, the effectiveness of technologies is deteriorating. This paper describes about information technology and how development of new and innovative technologies can prove to be helpful. Further, we have discussed about a Company, the new technology that it has introduced and its benefits to the Company. The paper concludes with the barriers to emerging information technology.//


    Information technology is a dynamic field. Due to the emergence of the new technologies, the IT experts are making new changes in their strategies. All the IT companies are producing newer technologies continuously. Due to the development of large number of technologies, the IT companies are not concentrating on the effectiveness of these technologies. Due to this, the quality of the technologies is degrading.

    According to the major principles of the Information Technology, there should be some special features in the information technology which make it effective and attractive for the users. The newly developed information technologies should be flexible to be accessed by the users. There should be security about the data of a particular user in the information technology. In addition to this, the users demand for the new facilities continuously. To fulfill the new demands of the users, the IT companies should pay more attention on the development of innovated technologies rather than development of the large number of similar technologies. (Information Technology Principles, 2006).

    Thus, the field of information technology does not require large number of similar technologies, but require the technologies with the features like innovated, flexible, easily accessible, security, consistent interoperability etc. Therefore, it is essential for the information technology and research practices to turn from production of information technology to managing and controlling of information technology.

    //In the following paragraph, we are going to discuss about a Company named 'Fed ...

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    The response address the queries posted in 1167 words with references.