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Quality in IT Projects

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There is an increasing dependence on information technology in our daily lives. It is widely used in the fields of aviation, automobiles, medicine, education, finance, and banking, to name a few.
Consider the features of information technology projects and respond to the following:
- Identify the importance of quality while executing information technology projects.
- Explain, giving an example, how you would manage conflict among various stakeholders due to differences in expectations regarding the quality of information technology projects.
- Give three suggestions for improving quality in information technology projects.

List and Cite all references used.

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This solution explains improving quality in information technology projects. The sources used are also included.

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Step 1
Quality is important when executing information technology project. The information technology project must comply with the given design. Only then will the project fulfill functional requirements and specifications. In addition, quality in information technology projects also means complying with requirements that support the functional requirements of information technology (a). If there is software developed, it must be robust, maintainable, and produced correctly. Similarly, the hardware ...

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