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Quality and IT Projects

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Identify the importance of quality while executing information technology projects.
Quality is important when executing information technology project. IT projects require strong leadership, understanding the cost of quality, a quality conducive work environment, and an overall mindset within the organization of quality improvement are all important when improving the quality within IT projects (Schwalbe, K, 2014) The quality of a product would deal with how well it is built while the quality of a service would deal with how useful and how well executed it is. For a project, quality is based upon how successful the project is at completing its goal.

Explain, giving an example, how you would manage conflict among various stakeholders due to differences in expectations regarding the quality of information technology projects.

I would manage conflict among various stakeholders due to the differences in expectation regarding the quality of information technology projects. First, I will ensure that the specification of the project has been agreed upon and that I can meet the expectation that is required of me.

Second, I will check to make sure that the delivery of functional requirements is supported properly. Project Manager must be effective at managing stakeholder expectations, perceptions, activity, and resolving conflicts effectively.

Give three suggestions for improving quality in information technology projects.

First suggestion for improving quality in information technology projects is proper planning, analysis, and design of IT projects. This is important to ensure that better quality.

Second, Use quality control tools and techniques such as the Seven Basic Tools of Quality (Cause-and-effect diagrams, Control Charts, Check sheets, Scatter Diagrams, Histograms, Pareto Charts, and Flowcharts) statistical sampling, and Six Sigma (Schwalbe, K, 2014). Utilizing these tools can ensure the stakeholders understand the requirements and allow the PM to track quality.

Third, is to set quality measure and standards on customer or user wants and needs.
If you follows the above these three suggestions it will improve any quality of information technology projects.

Schwalbe, K. (2014). Information technology project management (7th ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage Learning.

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Quality is important in every project. The post mentions the importance of leadership, a work environment conducive to quality, and a commitment to quality by the organization. These are definitely key. It is difficult to produce quality projects if care is not given to the environment and organizational culture. My father always said that employee relationships are a direct reflection of customer relationships. This is true in ...

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