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Quality Management Plan Outline, Project Memo: Baderman Island Virtual Organization

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Developing the Quality Management Plan

Resources: Quality Management Plan Outline, Project Memo, and Baderman Island Virtual Organization

Use the Quality Management Plan Outline to develop a Quality Management Plan for the Baderman Island project.

Please help:
Write the plan.
Include all pertinent charts and diagrams in the plan.
Create a measurement plan determining project success.
Address how returns on investment and payback period are used to evaluate the project's success.
Describe how project management and process improvement are related. Explain the relationship between the two and how they might affect each other. Explain what you would have done differently as a result of your lessons learned assessment.

Format your plan according to APA guidelines.

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Quality Management Plan for Baderman Island


Baderman Island is an unbelievable resort destination as it is encircled by the river shores of Kelsey River. Originally, it was the home of the Baderman estate and then it partly associated with the town of Kelsey. It turned into an island when the water was transmitted in it in 2005 to handle the water flow at that time. At present, the island is home to an all-embracing resort, which is deliberate to meet the necessities of the assortment of tourists. The specialty of this resort is this that it exaggerates three different type of hotel alternatives for the visitors, each deliberated for a different type of guest tourist that includes business traveler, family retreat, couple get-away.

This report presents a Quality Management Plan for Baderman Island to ensure the quality of products and services in the company. This plan comprises, a measurement plan is developed to determine the project success to changes transportation mode and improve their effectiveness. Additionally, this report also explains notions of return on investment and payback period to evaluate the success of the project.

Quality Management Plan: Baderman Island Transportation Project


Quality Management Plan can be defined as an administration tool depending on the assistance of all members of an organization to ensure quality in any project (Chary, 2006). It is a method, centers on quality and on the long-term success at the Baderman Island throughout the satisfaction of its customers and over and above, a benefit to its members and society.


The main purpose of Baderman Island transportation Project is to serve new transportation meaning to the customers to provide them high standard convenience and save their time as well as cost. This quality Management plan would help the management to achieve various objectives such as environmental protection, implementation of total quality management, regular development in other projects, developing fastest transportation means and easy locations of transportation (Cleland & Ireland, 2002).


This resort destination has a range of restaurants, miscellaneous surroundings, cultural magnets and some meridian emplacements. Expositions, company retreats and conventions are the important factors of its success. The key training areas of Baderman Island are its local cultural magnets, customer demands and atonement of the needs and wants of business travelers.

This Quality management plan would help the management to match with the customers' expectations (Kotler, 2002). A Web log page has also been created by the administration of this resort for its guests, so that they can share their occurrences and ideas concerning the quality of service, facilities and the time they squander on the Island. This quality management plan will also focus on the suggestions and ideas provided by customers (Schniederjans & Hamaker, ...

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