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    Using the BADERMAN ISLAND.COM organization, prepare a 800-word paper in which you discuss the following:
    a. How quality is linked to your organization's strategic plan and strategic objectives.

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    //Before analyzing the strategic plan and strategic objectives of the organization, we have to understand about the business and its scope in the industry. We should know in what kind of industry this firm is functioning. It will be beneficial to take knowledge about this organization. By gaining an understanding, it would become easy to evaluate the link between quality and strategic planning of the organization. Hence, the first discussion will incorporate the introduction of the company, for example: //


    Baderman Island is a man made island, which is surrounded by the Kelsey River. The range of this resort is very extensive because in order to attract the customers and fulfill their requirements, this has a diverse environment with an array of restaurants, cultural magnetism, attractive locations, etc. There are some factors that play an important role in the success and maintenance of the revenue streams of resort such as cultural attractions, requirement and demand of customers, business travelers and their need, etc.

    The main attributes of the Hotel resort are Mel ancon Convention Centre and Hotel, the Tenney and the Baderman Main Hotel. The Meredith Visitor Centre of his resort is full of various magnificent dining activities and shopping locations. Pepicello Fairways, recreation centre, Baderman Island Oasis Spa and William C. Martin Botanical gardens are also the attractive features of this resort. In order to provide pleasure with best services, there are some beautiful vistas and art galleries also available. The mission and vision of this company includes the premium facilities for all the stakeholders and customers, with high profit margin. The main objective of this island is to establish itself as the leading resort, all over the world.

    //Above, we have discussed about Baderman Island.com, which is a part of the tourism and hotel industry and having numerous attributes to serve the customer with high quality services. As per the directions, now we will discuss about the strategic objectives of the ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 1312 words with references.