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Advertising Plan & Creative Brief for Baderman Family Vacations

I have been selected as the ad agency for Baderman Island, a fictitious company. The following target markets has been selected for Baderman Island: Family vacations

Please help prepare a paper and creative brief in which you identify the role and impact of advertising for your selected target market based on the overall marketing plan objective.


-Objective statement
-Support statement
-Tone/Brand character statement

Please provide all references used.

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Advertising for Baderman Island

Objective Statement

The significant aim of Baderman Island's advertising strategy is to attract attention of Island's prospective customers to its resort and family vacations packages. Through effective advertising the management of Island wants to convey its customers that it is devoted to furnishing the most excellent customer service and vacationing experience for its visitors (Lancaster & Reynolds, 2005). For Baderman Island, Advertising is a well-disposed depiction of its family vacation packages to its current and prospective guests.

This will assist the potential customers, common public and end users to become attentive and recognizable with the offered packages, facilities and services of Baderman Island. This will assist the management of Island in ...

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The solution discusses an advertising plan and creative brief for Baderman Island Family Vacations.