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    Advertising Plan and Creative Brief for Baderman Island

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    1. Learning Team Assignment: Advertising Plan and Creative Brief

    Your Learning Team has been selected as the ad agency for Baderman Island, a fictitious company located in the list of Virtual Organizations.

    Resources: Virtual Organization found on student Web site, Internet, University Library
    Select one of the following target markets for Baderman Island:
    - Family vacations
    - Romantic getaways
    - Active leisure activities
    - Business conferences *
    - Weekend escapes

    Other, as assigned by faculty
    - Obtain faculty approval for selected target market.
    - Write a paper and creative brief in which you identify the role of advertising and the influence of advertising on your selected target market based on the overall marketing plan objective.

    My sections paper must include:
    - Perceived strengths and weaknesses
    - Where and when these messages should be communicated
    - Style, approach, and tone of the campaign

    The creative brief must include:
    - Summary reflecting each of the elements of your paper for the CEO of Baderman Island.

    APA standards.

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    Perceived Strengths and Weaknesses

    The Baderman Island is one of the biggest and attractive destinations all over the world. It has numerous strengths and advantages to advertise the island as the final destination for business conferences. The surroundings of Island and attractive interiors enable the business organization to arrange conferences with the other business associates. Presently, the society has become so conscious about the healthy environment and greenery. Biggest business firms and personnel need a pleasure environment to accomplish their conferences successfully and provide a natural environment to their guest (Lancaster & Reynolds, 2005).

    The Baderman Island has effective many hotels and restaurant, which provide superior services and healthy food, spa for the relaxation of conference members, sports and health clubs, etc. for the entertainment of the members and guest (Hague, 2002). All these points show the perceived strengths of the Baderman Island to promote as the successful destination for business conferences.

    On the other hand, one of the biggest perceived weaknesses of the Baderman Island would be the language barriers (Sissors & Baron, 2002). The languages used by the employees in the Baderman Island are Spanish and French. Another weakness of this island would be a high pricing strategy. According to the blog review the prices shows to be extreme. By reviewing the pricing strategies and executing development training programs to manage diversity and languages for the employees, the Island can improve its effectiveness and popularity.

    Communication of Messages

    The target market Business Conferences should have a positive impact on the way ...

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