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    Propose 3 enterprise level strategic uses

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    * - Propose and explain 3 enterprise-level strategic uses for technology that align with Baderman Islands business initiatives.

    * - For each proposed technology project, expound on how technology is a cause and/or driver of Baderman's business strategy leading to the proposed technology product.

    * - Conclude with an analysis of the challenges that will be faced by business management upon selection and implementation for each proposed project.

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    Baderman Island is an innovative and technology based entertainment resort for tourists that comprise three hotels with a conventional center and two golf course and sports clubs. In addition there are numerous gift shops and art galleries, spa and beauty parlor, numerous restaurants, etc. It is also known as manmade island that is surrounded by shores of Kelsey River. Utilization of international technologies in this Baderman Island has provided various opportunities to maintain its growth in the highly changing and competitive hospitality industry.

    The three enterprises level strategies used by Baderman Island described in this paper are supply chain management, enterprises resource planning and customer relationship management (O'Brien, 2003). These enterprise technologies provide many opportunities to grow in the competitive environment. A part from this, the paper will help to understand the various behind justification of each technology for Baderman Island and possible challenges at the time of implementation of these technologies.

    In order to develop the effective supply of services and products supply chain management process plays an integral role. A part from this, it also helps to reduce the operational cost of organizations (Helms, 2006). Baderman Island would be beneficial by using supply chain management and increase its capabilities of information sharing and strategies partnership. In addition, SCM also helps Baderman Island to manage e-commerce web portal and demand and supply forecasting (O'Brien, 2003). By sharing information on time and using strategic partnership develops a strategic relationship among suppliers and buyers, which enhances the abilities to forecast demand and reduce the time and cost of project completion (Helms, 2006).

    This supply chain management provides prospective opportunities to Baderman Island that drive the firm to reduce inefficiencies and allows the Island to implement flexible business model, which work on real time technologies and response towards emerging markets and competitive threats (Greenspan, 2005). According to the article of competitive advantage of information technology, there are some areas in which the Baderman Island can gain opportunities. This process ensures suitable capacity of supplies on the prescribed time. It also keeps control over the cost and expenses of transportation and utilization of innovative technologies maintain the secure deliver of product and services (Competitive Advantage for Information Technology, n.d.). SCM also ensures increases in profits and keep the cost of buying product at satisfactory level.
    Justification of Supply Chain Management to Drive Baderman Island' Business Strategy

    Use of Supply chain management with the web portal and electronic solutions will permits the professional and expertise of operations management of Baderman Island to accomplish various responsibilities and takes on time such as inventory panning, managing orders, forecasting demands and supply, etc. with accuracy (Helms, 2006). Implementation of quality management in supply chain process would control over the following seven areas wastage in Baderman Island: overproduction, over-processing, waiting, excess inventory, defects unnecessary motion, excess conveyance and corrections (Lean Directions, 2007).

    It has been evaluated by Alan Greenspan in 2005 that in the last 10 years, the levels of inventory have been slumped more than 30% whereas the rate of productivity ...

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