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    Strategic Marketing & Competitive Advantage

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    The purpose of the Case Study Paper is to assemble learning achieved into a scholarly presentation demonstrating understanding and application of knowledge in the area of strategic marketing.

    I need help writing this paper; an outline of key ideas to focus on, etc. I know that this research cannot be done for me.The attached case file should be used to support essay.

    Case study and exhibits reference:

    Cravens, D. W., & Piercy, N. F. (2008). Strategic marketing (9th ed.). Boston: McGraw-Hill.

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    According to businessplans.org in citing Kotler (2010) book "Competitive Advantage", concepts related to strategic marketing include strategies for pricing, distribution, promotion, advertising and market segmentation. According to this same site, factors such as market penetration, market share, profit margins, budgets, financial analysis, capital investment, government actions, demographic changes, emerging technology and cultural trends are also address in terms of strategic marketing.

    First of all, according to businessplans.org (2010) there are two major components to your marketing strategy:

    1) How your enterprise will address the competitive marketplace;
    2) How you will implement and support your day-to-day operations;

    For example take Amazon.com Inc.: Chief Executive Jeffrey Bezos has put together a strategy which he sees as becoming profitable in three to five to seven years. For example, Bezos wants Amazon to run the businesses of other dot.coms, using those same technologies and operations that power his $10 billion online store; in the process, Bezos aims to transform Amazon into a kind of 21st century digital utility (Amazon.com). However, Amazon's competitors such as Google, YouTube and MySpace have maintained a competitive advantage over Amazon; however, this may change.

    According to Smith, Venkatraman & Wortzel (2001) they propose and test an alternative to the traditional power model, a manufacturer-retailer Strategic Marketing Fit (SMF) model. According to these authors, strategic marketing fit in channel relationships is a compatibility and congruence of marketing strategies and activities between members of a manufacturer-retailer relationship, designed to achieve both members' market goals and objectives. According to these authors, the thesis of this model is that with consistent goals, strategies and activities between manufacturer and retailer enhance both retail and brand performance; the strategic challenge for both manufacturers and retailers is not how to wrest power away from the other party; the challenge is for both retailers and manufacturers to combine their efforts on increasing their power within the dyad; finally strategic marketing fit derives from the literature on fit between business-level strategy and the external environment.

    For example, according to Amazon.com Inc. (2010) (Your worksheet) Amazon is not of the traditional power model; its strategic ...

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    In terms of a business plan the two major components for your marketing strategy involve how your enterprise will address the competitive marketplace; and how one will implement and support your daily operations. According to these authors, the thesis of this strategic marketing model is that with consistent goals, strategies and activities between manufacturer and retailers, this enhances both retail and brand performance and includes a marketing fit between business level strategy and the external environment.