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A proposed strategic plan

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Summarize a strategic plan, and provide an explanation of how it can be implemented.

1. Summarize the strategic approach of the plan.

2. Justify the strategic approach of the plan.

3. Provide the details that are imperative to a successful implementation.

4. Provide systematized planning, organizational structure, and monitoring of the results.

5. Explain how a company should implement the strategic approach.

6. Discuss how competitive advantage, cost advantage, and differentiation advantage is applied when selecting a strategic approach.

7. Explain the corporate strategy and provide any discussions on the global and multinational strategy.

9. Discuss any other information necessary to help implement the best social networking website.

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Designing an effective strategic plan is the basis to outlining the core particulars to enforcing a new or initial focus for corporate branding success. Strategic planning is redesigning or improving the organization processes or positioning within the target audience demographic. In the aim to increasing the targeted consumer demographic, the organization must consider, with justification, a new approach (strategic position) that sets them apart from competitors.

Some key justification to implementing a new strategic plan objectives are:

1. Low sales the last few quarters.
2. Brand ...

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The review into strategic planning for improving the business operations to gaining an competitive advantage within the targeted industry.