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Marketing variables and strategy implementation


I have a project with the topic of marketing variables and their impact on the strategy-implementation efforts. I'm looking for 200-300 words about the two variables that are central to the process and why they are so important. I appreciate the head start.

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Marketing Variables (Strategic Implementation Effort)

The marketing variables are designed to assist with marketing managerial decisions. Generally, the basis or purpose for the strategic implementation plan is to gain customers from a targeted market. There are many variables associated with marketing, advertising, and planning. The most popular marketing variables are contained within what is called the marketing mix consisting of product, place, promotion, and price. These are very critical marketing distinctions that will impact strategic implementation plans.

Marketing Mix (Strategic Implementation Effort)

The marketing mix is a premise for planning. The product or service aspect of the marketing mix considers factors of function, appearance, warranty, and so forth. Items must be appealing to consumers serving a needed or wanted function. The place element is strategic because companies must decide on a location for efficient distribution, most effective market coverage, and so on. ...

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This solution contains marketing variable information and how it related to strategy implementation.